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If You're Reading This, I'm Already Dead
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Otto Witte. Acrobat of Hamburg. King of Albania. Sitting in his caravan, drinking what is left of his coffee (dust), Otto has narrowly escaped death at the hands of allied bombs. Convinced his luck has run out and he will not see morning, he decides to record the story of his life for the poor soul who finds his body. And what a story it is. Years earlier, when he was in either Buda or Pest, working at the circus, a newspaper article was brought to his attention. Why? Because in it was a picture of a particular Turkish prince, called to Albania to be their new king. And this prince just so happened to bear a striking resemblance to Otto . . . A plan is formed, adventure is born and with the help of Otto's friends, enemies (and a camel), Otto is about to give the performance of his life.

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